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The People You Need for a Music Video

Back again with the swiftness. Actually, haven't posted here for months now but who's counting, right? As I am typing this down, a version of our music video exist somewhere in the internet. You can probably find it if you tried hard enough. But we're not here to talk about that (YET) I want to talk about the people involved and who you need just in case you decided to shoot your own music video.

Araw ng Pagsubok

The band has been working very hard the past couple of months to finish the EP. And after 3 months of recording and a few weeks of amateur mastering, we are happy to announce that is now officially available for FREE!!! We're also selling a high quality version of the EP from our bandcamp page.

Setting Up for a Music Video

So we shot a music video last weekend. And even though things didn't turn out exactly the way I saw it in my head, what we were able to capture is probably just as good if not better than my original plan. Also, turns out that music videos are pretty expensive to make, so I'd like to take this time to cover the whole process and show you guys what it took to produce and shoot this video.

Band Merchandise Coming Very Very Soon

The band is knee deep in recording our EP, "Araw ng Pagsubok." We already finished the new version of Dulo ng Panaginip and we are about to finish a couple more songs. We're planning to shoot the music video this March but I guess I can save that for another blog post. But yeah, we're pretty busy! That is why we haven't updated the site for a while.

How to Build a Home Studio Post Mortem: How Much?

How much does it cost to build a home studio? 1 million dollars? Not quite, but it kinda felt that way. I've spent a year planning and acquiring brand new and second hand items to fulfill my dream of having my own home studio. And I'm happy to say that it is finished. It's been about a month since it's completion, so I think this is a good time to
look back and do a tally of all the gear we have so far.

From a Drummania Dream to a Gretsch Catalina Maple Reality

I have no formal training in drumming but that didn't stop me from admiring it from afar. Maybe it's the high barrier of entry or the impracticability of owning just the set, but that never stopped me from "trying" to understand it atleast in concept. Way back in college I was known to spend an hour or 2 playing Drummania or Drum Freaks in the arcade. And quite recently, playing drums probably is my favorite part in the whole Guitar Hero or Rockband experience.

Let's Talk Power Amplifiers, Speaker Wattage and Load Impedance

For the penultimate edition of our studio gear round-up, I want to talk about the PA system I bought and installed for the studio. My exposure to professional audio systems usually ends with packaged theater systems and "karaoke" focused products so building a PA system from scratch was a real eye opener. Also, things became much more complicated when I discovered that I had to make sure all of the equipment were "compatible".

A Take of Two Amplifiers

Next in line for our gear showcase is the two new amplifiers I have acquired for our lead guitar and bass player. I haven't really been that into high powered gear for most of my life as a musician since I usually plug stuff directly into my computer but I still had a couple of brands in mind when I was shopping for it.

What's the Deal with Cables?

What's the deal with cables? For a newbie trying to understand the basics of the most basic in terms of audio connectivity, figuring out the connectors and wires required to keep this operation started can get pretty harrowing. Here is what I've learned so far after successfully dealing with it in my home studio.

How to Build a Home Studio: Gear Check Part 1

Ever since we started the band, it has always been a dream of mine to have our own studio. Sure rehearsing in a band space is ok, usually not that expensive, but having a time limit to do whatever you need kinda stiffles the creative mind. 2 years in the making and my home studio is almost finished! I'd like to share the equipment that I have purchased and the stuff I had to go through to make all of these work together properly.

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